Chile y Bolivia llegan a acuerdo por uso de las aguas del río SilalaBolivia and Chile reach agreement on use of water of the Silala River

Los técnicos de ambos países terminaron la redacción del texto que tendrá que ser ratificado por ambas naciones. Codelco y FCAB tendrán que pagar por la utilización de este recurso hídrico.Technicians from both countries completed the wording of texts that must be ratified by both nations. Codelco and FCAB will have to pay for the use of this resource.


Sudamérica y los recursos energéticosSouth America and its energy resources

Latin America appears expectant before the international economy. With great performances in the last decade, having received millionaire investments in natu-ral resources, infrastructure and the services sectors, the region has also conso-lidated its democratic stability, an inescapable factor at the time of advancing on the route towards development. Against this background, the sub